Essential App #9: RepliGo Document Converter And Viewer

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Before I start my blog posting, I wanted to take a moment to thank Andrew Ross of Primary Teacher UK for adding my blog site to his blogroll links. I have added a link to his site in my Blogroll. If you’re a teacher or work in education, you may want to check out his blog for Teachers.

I’m actually quite surprised that not many teachers I know or meet use Palms. I have a few cousins who are teachers and professors and regardless of what I say or try to convince them, they don’t have a Palm or want to get one. I think it’s very important for teachers to have a better organizational tool to organize their teaching material for the day. Hopefully, I can help some teachers who come from Andrew’s site to be converted. There are so many different programs that are created for teachers that can help them prepare their material, manage grades, and classes, etc. If you have found this site helpful, especially if what I’ve written has convinced you to get a Palm, please drop me a comment or send me an email. I’d love to hear about it. Thanks.

Okay, back to Palms.


RepliGo is a document conversion software and viewer program. What sets this program apart from many others is that practically any document or file that you can view and “Print” in Windows can be converted and viewed in the RepliGo viewer program in Palm. By that, I mean, a picture, drawing, web page, Excel spreadsheet, chart, etc. If you can click on “Print“, you can convert the file or document for viewing in the Palm. Having such a software can eliminate a lot of other conversion software. Rather than having an ebook viewer, offline web viewer, Adobe’s pdf converter and viewer program and other document viewer and conversion programs, this RepliGo program can replace them all.

Aside from viewing the document, there are some limited ability to manipulate the document, although you can edit the text, you can highlight them, and bookmark parts of the document for easy reference. As a viewing and document conversion software, this is quite a handy program to have. I personally find it indispensible when travelling as I use it to convert web pages, travel confirmations so that I have a copy of it in the Palm for reference.

Simulation of RepliGo

Alternative links: Image Shack, MyFileHut


This simulation shows how the RepliGo program looks on the Palm. I’ve provided a quick overview of the menu options and opening up a RepliGo converted document (.rgo), showing the various features of the document viewer program.

Alternative Flash links: Image Shack, MyFileHut

This simulation shows the process of converting an Adobe Acrobat pdf file into RepliGo format in Windows.

Alternative Flash links: Image Shack, MyFileHut

This simulation shows the launching of the RepliGo program viewer in Windows. It goes through a quick overview of the menu options and buttons in the viewer program.

A somewhat similar application that is freeware is Vikao which allow you to convert text or images temporarily saved in the Windows clipboard to be converted over to the Palm. But, unlike RepliGo, which can convert an entire document of many pages, Vikao looks like it’s limited to what the clipboard can hold, so it’s more suited for small clips of information and images and isn’t really a true document converter. Regardless, it looks interesting and best of all, it’s free. For more info on the application, check out the developer’s website or this MyTreo forum thread about the Vikao application.

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