Are You A Palm Explorer?

(Last edited March 4, 2008)

Are you a Palm (Windows Mobile, or other PDA) Explorer?

In hopes of making my blog more interactive rather than just having me talking, I’m going to introduce a new idea for this blog. This will hopefully become more of a two sided than one sided blog where readers can provide their own submissions on tips and tricks and how they use their mobile devices (not necessarily Palm or Windows Mobile but also Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, etc).

I’d love to hear your stories. First of all, if you could provide a brief description of your name, where you are, what device you own, etc. Then, provide some ways in which you’ve “discovered” the great stuff that was previously hidden in the Palm that you never knew. You don’t have to be the one that “discovers” it, but it would be nice to hear your story about how you “found out” how to utilize it better whether it be from the Palm forums, your friends, some stranger you met, etc. Those with a picture will get first picks as I will post them in the Palm Discovery blog. Of course, please refrain from profanity and subjects that may not be suitable for the blog. I can’t promise that everyone’s will be posted (depends on how much I get) but I will try to fit them in and provide a short link to it from my weekly blog posting.

So, start writing and send me your pics and stories. I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me with your stories.

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