Free Audible File: Vanna Bonta Talks About Quantum Fiction

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Here’s a FREE Audible file that you can download and enjoy. This time, it’s an interview with Vanna Bonta, author of Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel about the genre of Quantum Fiction.

Also, don’t forget to check out This is Audible (free bi-weekly Audible file) that discusses audio books with interviews, clips and discussions related to audio books and entertainment. They come out every Tuesday and Friday of each week.

There’s also Harry Shearer’s Le Show (another free file) that discusses the politics and news of the past week. I don’t particularly care about his skits but do enjoy his perspective on politics and makes for interesting listening.


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Please keep in mind that the links to the free files were valid when this post was published but over time, Audible may decide to remove them. So get them now just in case!

Vanna Bonta Talks About Quantum Fiction: Author Interview

Program Type: Speech; Unabridged
Publisher: Meridian House Audio, 2007
Length: 14 min.

Publisher’s Summary

Accomplished writer and audio producer/director Laurel van der Linde interviews author Vanna Bonta about the emerging genre of Quantum Fiction, exemplified by her controversial book
Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel (Unabridged).

©2007 Audio Library; (P)2007 Audio Library

For more information on the Audible program and services, please check out my review on Audible here.

Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel (Unabridged)
By: Vanna Bonta

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4 Responses to Free Audible File: Vanna Bonta Talks About Quantum Fiction

  1. jared colin says:

    Er, sounds fantastic but the link to the interview with Vanna Bonta isn’t working same with the link to the quantum fiction book, Flight.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up, that one link is now fixed!

  3. jared colin says:

    Links still not working ?!

  4. admin says:

    Which links? I have manually clicked on each link to the free interview file, the unabridged book, as well as the author’s link and they all loaded fine.

    What problems are you encountering? Are you enabling cookies and re-direction in your browser as well as enabling scripting? What error message are you getting when clicking on the links? I’m confused.

    Here’s the full link to the files:

    Free interview file:

    Full unabridged novel (not free):

    Vanna Bonta search: Bonta&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes

    If these links do not work, there is something happening on your end because these are the direct links to the files.

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