Keep your hands on your bike with USB Fever’s Universal Bike Holder for PDAs

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USB Fever Bicycle Holder for PDA, GPS, Phone, iPhone, iPod, MP3One of the annoyances you may encounter while listening to music and biking is the hassle of getting access to your portable music player. Most of us will likely have it carried inside a case, or pocket. To access the portable device, we have to take it out and then make the necessary adjustments and put it back in, all the while, risking our lives if we are lazy and want to keep riding while doing it. Talk about multi-tasking! Or, we can stop and make the necessary adjustments. And if we’re listening on the headphones, that adds the extra layer of risk. But that can all be a thing of the past if you get a bike holder with mount and have it hold your portable device in front of you, easily accessible and viewable, although it’s not advised to view it for long periods of time while biking.

USB Fever’s Universal Bicycle Holder will help you handle all that with minimal effort. Simply attach the Bicycle holder with the bike mount onto the frame of your bike, place your portable device in the holder and secure it with the locking arms and leg attachment and away you go! Enjoy music without the hassle and fuss! Need to skip to the next song? No problem! Your device is right there! Tap on the screen or turn it on while still riding the bike. Or, if you have a GPS unit, you can easily determine where you are and where you need to go. Can’t get any simpler than this!

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The universal bike holder with mount that I am reviewing today is a package that contains the USB Fever Universal Bike / Car Holder for GPS / Phone /iPhone / iPod / MP3 and Bicycle Bracket with Strap to lace up & Locking Tip with 360° Swivel Head. Both sell for $9.99 each. This package costs $16.99 so you save $3.01 by buying the package.

The bike holder is a rectangular shaped holder with a pair of side arms that grab and lock your portable device into place. A set of legs or locking clips can be pulled out at the bottom of the holder to support and prevent the portable device from sliding out. There is a release button at the back of the holder to release the grip of the side arms to extend it back fully to its original position. The side arms can extend from 45mm to 115mm.

The mounting bike bracket with strap and 360 degree swivel head helps secure the entire holder onto the frame of the bike and allows for easy adjustment of the holder for optimum use and viewing.

To use the holder, simply place your portable device onto the holder and push the arms inward to grab and hold the device into place. There is a locking mechanism that will only allow inward movement of the arms to prevent accidental release of your device while in the holder. A set of legs or clips can be pulled out at the bottom to prevent the device from falling out, keeping the device securely fastened onto the holder.

To attach the bracket onto the bike frame, wrap the strap around the bike frame you wish to mount onto and thread it through the mount base. Pull tightly on the strap until you feel that the mount is securely fastened onto the bike frame. Adjust the swivel head to accomodate the back of the bike holder. Snap the two components into place and push it up until they’re locked into place. Make the necessary final adjustments to the holder and turn the swivel head adjustment screw until it locks into place. Done!

Here are more details of the product (taken from USB Fever):


Wanna to have music with your bike? How you could do that? A possible way is to have an armband, but this way will make your music (screen) device not visible and turn your device to a pure music device (e.g. if it has GPS, you may be not able to view it in the front).

Here is a way that may help.

It is designed to mount on the handle of a bike, it is tunable to locate a perfect angle to your while your are cycling and keep your favorite gadget safe and at the touch of your fingertips

Its adustable arms let you to hold from 45mm wide(approx) to 115mm (approx) wide devices, subitable to most of MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, PDA, GPS & Mobilephones. (Cell phone, handset, handphone…)


– Easy to mount on all Bicycles, no screw needed even you found it is loose while you are on the go, just to putll tight the elestic
– 360″ Swivel tip allows any angle you need which allows landscape or portrait viewing
– Smooth Arm opening
– holding device from 45mm to 115 mm wide, 30mm deep, 100mm high.
– Handle bar rest
– Wide Texture Finished
– Lightweight
– Superior Quality

Capable to mount:

– iPhone & iPhone 3G
– iPod Touch, iPod Video (5G), iPod Classic (6G), iPod Nano, iPhone Photo (4G)…
– Zune
– MP3 / MP4
– Game Console
– Mobile phone (Cell phone, -Handset)
– Blackberry / HTC / Dopod / Palm

This product is composed of:

Universal Bike / Car Holder for GPS / Phone /iPhone / iPod / MP3
– Bicycle Bracket with Strap to lace up & Locking Tip with 360° Swivel Head

Package Includes:

– Universal Bike / Car Holder for GPS / Phone /iPhone / iPod / MP3 x 1
– Bicycle Bracket with Strap to lace up & Locking Tip with 360° Swivel Head x 1


– Polybag


– it is not suggested to be cycling with your earphones, you may use a pair of speakers / or the device’s internal speaker if you would like to listen to music while riding a bicycle.
– it is not suggested to watch any type of movie during cycling.

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Product Video

Video at YouTube

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I Liked:
  • adjustable width with solid locking arms
  • 3 locking positions for legs to prevent portable device from sliding out
  • swivel head can be held tightly into place

I Didn’t Like:

  • swivel head is a bit stiff
  • mounting holder on bracket may be slightly difficult to snap into place

Here are my observations:

I like the design of the holder. It may look simple but it works. The locking arm is a very good design and does a great job of locking up and only moving inwards to prevent the arms from accidentally loosening up and possibly dropping your several hundred dollar iPhone or smartphone device. Of course, if you use brute force, you can break and force the arms to open up, but under normal circumstances, the arms seem to do a good job of locking up and keeping the device held securely in place. I also like the legs or clips at the bottom of the holder for that added extra security of keeping the portable device from accidentally sliding and falling out. The three locking positions ensure that a variety of devices can be supported and it’s nice that it can be put back into place when not in use. The 360 degree swivel head on the mounting bracket with strap really makes it very easy to adjust the holder at the exact angle or placement that you desire. Regardless of your bike frame, you should be able to position the holder facing vertically up since the swivel head can be moved in any direction and turned on its base. The design of the strap is very handy as you don’t have to deal with screws, which may come loose and fall out, especially if you do a lot of mountain biking where the bike will endure a lot of bumps and vibration, which tend to help loosen a screw or two. The strap is fairly easy to strap on and take off.

I did, however find that the swivel head, at least on my unit was a bit stiff and took a bit of effort to move it around. Also, when attaching the mounting base to the back of the holder, it does take a bit of effort to snap the bracket attachment into place. You have to make sure that you feel the lock or snap when putting them together or you may find that the base and holder may come out. That may be the only concern I have with regards to this product. Otherwise, it works great.

The USB Fever Universal Bicycle Holder with mounting bracket and strap is a great way to have your music or any other audio with you while biking, whether it be to and from work, or just a leisure bike ride. Unlike having your portable device with you inside a case or pocket or whatever else strapped to you, having a bike mount really makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of both the bike ride and of the audio you’re listening to. First of all, you don’t have to fumble around to reach for your device, take it out, and of course, risking your life while trying to juggle all these tasks while on a bike. Second, with the portable device right in front of you, in plain view, it’s very easily accessible. If you need to change to a different program or song, it’s right there and within reach. Think of the bike holder and mount as an extra arm or hand holding onto your device, which it is really. Third, with the music or audio going through the device’s internal speakers, you are able to hear the noise and sounds around you and be aware of potential hazards that you may not had you put on your headphones. Although having the sounds come out through the internal speakers isn’t the best sound and that it uses a lot more battery, I think this is when safety should be a priority and override the inclination to pop on the headphones. Besides, you may find that the nature sounds you hear during the bike ride may be even more relaxing than the music you’re hearing.

Review Summary

USB Fever’s Universal Bicycle Holder for PDA, GPS, Phone, iPhone, mp3 player, etc is a great way to enjoy your audio while riding a bicycle. The lack of screws makes it very easy to attach and remove. The arms of the bike holder is strong enough to keep your portable device secured plus the added set of legs or clip at the bottom ensure that it doesn’t accidentally slip out. The 360 degree swivel head on the mount ensures that you can adjust the holder and bracket anywhere on the frame of the bike and still have it positioned the way you want. Aside from a not so smooth swivel head, I can’t find much to complain about.

USB Fever’s Universal Bicycle Holder not only helps eliminate the risks of fumbling around with an electronic device while riding a bike and fighting traffic. It also helps keep your eyes, ears, and hands where they should be. The less distraction the better, even on a bicycle.

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  1. J. White says:

    Your product really looks well designed. I only wish you made one for motorcycles. I especially like your Youtube video. It made it very clear just how your product worked and how to put it together. It also demonstrated how sturdy and well built it was. I think you put a lot of thought into the video to ensure that you got your message across. Therefore, you there is no doubt that you put the same care and thought into the product itself. Make one for a motorcycle . . . please!

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