Save 15 Percent off at Otterbox Ends Today! The best protection on the market.

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Otterbox’s offer of 15% off ENDS TODAY! This special is offered for Facebook members but I’m sure that they’re very happy even if you’re not. Use code: FacebookOtterMay. Check out all the protective cases and accessories for your laptop, PDAs, smartphones, iPhones, iPods, mp3 players, etc. If you haven’t read or seen my Otterbox 1920 review for the Treo 650 or their Otterbox 1000 for small items and valuable, you may want to check them out. Their cases are waterproof (note: 1920 is not waterproof but water resistant) so you can submerge them in the water and be guaranteed that water won’t get in. And they’re practically indestructible and crush proof and can survive a run over by the car. Wow! The best protection on the market.

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