Accessories Review: iGo Everywhere Car and Wall Charger

iGo everywhere Car and Wall charger

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It’s Wednesday! Time for another installment of Palm Discovery’s wReview Wednesday!

As mentioned in last week’s review of the iGo Gift Bag which contains the iGo Tip wallet, 39-in-1 card reader and USB charging cable, I was very lucky to have been a recent winner of the giveaway held at iGo’s Facebook page. Thanks to iGo for offering the giveaway and also for sending along the iGo everywhere Car and Wall charger which I am reviewing today! Why not check out the iGo’s Facebook page and become a Fan of iGo and try for one of their giveaways?

It’s Wednesday! Time for another installment of Palm Discovery’s wReview Wednesday!

iGo everywhere Car and Wall charger

When traveling whether to another country or within the country for business or for pleasure, one of the hassles plaguing those of us with mobile gadgets and other portable devices is having to deal with all those charging cables, adapters and other related accessories. For each and every one of your devices, there’s at least a charging cable, an adapter and perhaps more. If you own an mp3 player, an iPhone, a digital camera, a GPS unit, a gaming device, or others, you’ll need to pack along all the cables, adapters and other accessories with you if you want to take them with you. That will not only add more stuff to your travel bag or luggage, meaning you have less space for other stuff but it also means you’re adding more weight to your bag as well. Plus, most of these cables and accessories do not normally come with a wrapping strap or carrying case. So, you’re likely going to also deal with a mess of tangled cables and wires. Opening up your bag will reveal the cable mess that may take minutes to untangle. But wait! It doesn’t have to be this way. iGo has a wonderful solution for you that will not only eliminate the need for all those charging cables, wires but also reduce the weight you’ll need to carry dramatically! How? Read on for more details.

For those who want to skip over all the detailed review and just want a summary, you can jump to the review summary

Specs and Details

The idea of iGo’s chargers and accessories are very simple. It’s a one charging cable solution that will replace all those individual mobile devices chargers and charging cables and adapters. Simply use the iGo charging cable with specific iGo charging tips for your mobile devices and that’s it! No more need to bring along all the cables for each of your devices. Just bring the iGo charging cable with the iGo tips and you can still charge all your devices. Think about all that space you’ve saved not to mention the weight. Check out my review of the iGo Gift Bag for more information on the iGo tips and how they can change your life! Okay, not that dramatic, but at least it can change how you carry your charging accessories.

Everywhere Car and Wall Charger

Charge all of your devices from one charger while you’re at home or in the car. Unique tip solution allows you to charge all your devices from one power source. iGo Everywhere is the perfect solution for charging your devices while you travel.

# Powers from any standard car or wall outlet
# Interchangeable power tips allow you to charge multiple devices with a single charger (iGo power tips sold separately)
# Works with multiple devices, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices and more
# No need to buy a new charger when upgrading your devices; compatible with the latest models
# Works worldwide; no need for a voltage converter when traveling


# Dimensions (Wall Charger): 2.78 x 1.71 x 1.02 in (70.61 x 43.43 x 25.90 mm)
# Dimensions (Car Charger): 3.56 x 1.94 x 1.20 in (90.42 x 49.27 x 30.48 mm)
# Weight: 10.76 oz (305 g)
# Input Power: 100-240 VAC, 11.5-16 VDC
# Output Power: 5W
# Cord Length: 5 ft (1.52 m)


# iGo Car Charger
# iGo Wall Charger
# Retractable Cord
# Travel Organizer
# User Guide

Complete with wall (AC) charger, car (DC) charger and 5′ retractable cord. Also includes travel organizer to keep everything

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iGo Everywhere Car and Wall ChargeriGo Everywhere Car and Wall Charger
iGo Everywhere Car and Wall ChargeriGo Everywhere Car and Wall Charger

Slideshow of the above picturesProduct Video

Video Review of iGo Everywhere Car and Wall Charger at YouTube

I Liked:
  • lightweight and portable
  • easy to use
  • one cable design with individual iGo tips
  • foldable AC wall adapter prongs
  • carry case/pouch included

I Didn’t Like:

  • retractable charging cable seems a bit bulky

Here are my observations:

I Liked:

Lightweight and portable

I like that the items can all fit into a special carrying case/pouch (included in the package) and it’s very lightweight and portable. Put them all in and take it with you in the palm of your hand.

Easy to use

The entire package of items is very easy to use. There’s the retractable charging cable which will lock into place when extended (pull at both ends of the cable) and press the button at the center of the coil and it will retract. Each adapter is very easy to easy to use and connect. If you want to charge your device via the wall, connect the wall adapter or via the car adapter if you want to charger in the car.

One cable design with individual iGo tips

The idea of minimizing the use and carrying of multiple cables, wires so that there’s only one charging cable and an adapter (wall or car) and the individual iGo tips for each mobile device is an excellent design and idea! Rather than carry all those various charging cables for all your devices, just carry the iGo Everywhere Car and Wall charger with wall and car adapter (if you need both or just one) and the iGo tips and you can now charge all your devices without carrying multiple charging cables, adapters, accessories. One charger does it all!

Foldable AC wall adapter prongs

It’s always nice to encounter accessories that have designs that improve making it slightly compact. The AC wall adapter prongs on the AC wall adapter is foldable which means that they will fold back into itself so that the prongs don’t stick out and possible get caught in something or scratch things when transporting it. This is a great design.

Carry case/pouch included

Unlike many accessories sold on the market, the iGo everywhere Car and Wall Charger comes with a nylon with mesh pocket carrying case/pouch. This makes carrying around these items much easier as you can easily fit them all in and take it with you.

I Didn’t Like:

Retractable charging cable seems a bit bulky

Considering that a lot of charging cables for smartphones, PDAs can be very small in size, I am a bit disappointed that iGo Everywhere’s retractable charging cable seems much bulkier and larger in size. Although it isn’t THAT big, I would have preferred if it were smaller and less bulky. However, it’s still lightweight and not heavy.

This can also be mentioned with regards to the other accessories as well, like the AC wall adapter and the car adapter as they are somewhat bigger and bulkier than a lot of other similar accessories out there. Perhaps iGo can improve upon it by making them somewhat smaller.

Review Summary

iGo Everywhere Car & Wall Charger may be what you need when traveling whether out of the country or within the country, or even just to and from work. The package includes a car and AC wall adapter and a retractable charging cable. All you need now are the individual iGo charging tips for your mobile device and you can then start taking only those charging accessories with those few items! Forget about carrying all those other charging cables and accessories! Get the iGo everywhere Car and Wall charger and start lessening the load on your bag and your back. Bring one cable with the adapter and the iGo tips and you’re set! Plus, you can also select one iGo charging tip with your purchase!

Charge any device, anywhere with the iGo Everywhere Car & Wall Charger and get a FREE iGo tip & FREE shipping with purchase.

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Reduce vampire power up to 85% with the Power Smart Tower featuring iGo Green™ Technology.

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