iTunes Tuesday March 13 2012

iTunes Tuesday (free iTunes music, video, audiobooks, apps, etc)

It’s Tuesday again! Time for iTunes Tuesday offering some FREE downloads from iTunes USA!

Don’t forget to give Palm Addicts a visit for lots of great user submitted content from people like you who share their love of their devices. Plus don’t forget all the great freebies that’s up for grabs that Sammy offers from time to time. Hey! You never know!

Please Note: Some of them are only available for FREE for one week so download them now! Hope you like it and check back next week!

Please note that these links are for iTunes USA but you may be able to find that some are also available at other iTunes stores (Canada, UK, etc) all over the world as well.

iTunes Canada

iTunes Canada free download of the week:

From iTunes Canada, here are the free downloads available through iTunes.

Who Are You? – Kathryn Calder

Sur les quais – Daran

Big Blue Wave – Hey Ocean!

Starbucks Canada iTunes codes

For iTunes Canada fans, I have gotten a few Starbucks’ iTunes cards to share with you all since I visit Starbucks way too often.

Please note: Not all Starbucks stores offer the latest iTunes cards and some don’t even have them out or offer the previous week’s cards so I normally visit a number of different Starbucks each week in order to get them. So, if one week I don’t get to post the latest codes, at least you’ll understand why. Like I said, I enjoy going to Starbucks but end up visiting at least three different (sometimes more) locations each week to get these codes and it’s a hit or miss sometimes.

In order to download and enjoy the FREE music, you’ll need to have an Apple iTunes account (sign up for a free account at: ) and must be 13 years of age or over.

Redeem codes at iTunesEnter code in the box to redeem the code for free music at iTunes
Click on Redeem under Quick Links and enter the code provided below.

Please note the expiry date and leave a comment if you use the code! I will update the post to indicate those used. Thanks!

Starbucks Canada FREE Pick of the Week iTunes music card

Snapseed (Expiry: May-22-2012)

Download Code: W9EHH94YRA34
Download Code: XMEAFXHMTL4P
Download Code: PHW6PKRHNRKA
Download Code: P4R3PE7MH4PW

Plus I have a few more of a previous week’s issued cards

Big Deal – Chair (Expiry: May-08-2012)

Download Code: 3JL3TX3HJ3MY
Download Code: 99AHTMTKAN4R
Download Code: X369L3HKM6A7
Download Code: XXERAKFJ73L3
Download Code: TJYXPFNPM4YN

Should you miss the expiry of the above code, you can still purchase the game/app on iTunes:

Snapseed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Snapseed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Snapseed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iTunes USA)

Chair by Big Deal from the album, Lights Out
Chair by Big Deal from the album, Lights Out (Explicit)

Chair (iTunes USA) by Big Deal from the album, Lights Out (Explicit) MP3 Music Store
You can also purchase the single from’s MP3 Store:

Snapseed for iPhone is not available on

Chair by Big Deal from the album, Lights Out (Explicit)
Chair by Big Deal from the album, Lights Out (Explicit)

Or, you can join Napster’s Digital music service and enjoy all the music you want including this week’s special tune. There’s Napster US ( for those in the US and Napster Canada ( for those in Canada plus there’s Napster UK ( Napster Germany ( and Napster Japan (

15 for $15 with Napster!

Palm Discovery's MP3 Monday with free DRM-free mp3 music downloads
Don’t forget to check out Palm Discovery’s MP3 Monday for seven FREE DRM-Free mp3 downloads from the Amazon MP3 Download Store.

iTunes USA

Paddling Out – Mike Snow

Girls – Deep Sea Arcade

Nunca Digas Nunca – Bengala

Behind the Scenes – My Super Psycho Sweet 16 3

Family Funny Business – Duck Dynasty Season 1

Sneak Peek – Bent Season 1

Image Is Everything – Shahs of Sunset Season 1

Episode 1 – Cold Diggers Season 2

David vs. Fish: How to Date Like a Man – Love Broker Season 1

Meet the Cast – The Pauly D Project Season 1

Knight Time – Doc McStuffins Vol 1

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